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Our mission is to help brands grow through results driven marketing strategies designed to build customer relationships, brand loyalty and a kick ass ROI. We do it all and we do it well!

Why Choose Blue Cricket Media for Your Marketing Agency?

What’s important to know about Blue Cricket Media is that we know every business is unique and has its own set of challenges. While some marketing agencies throw recycled content and pre-built campaigns out into the world in order to turn out a higher quantity of projects with minimal return, we instead focus on your individual story, customers and needs to create marketing strategies that are anything but cookie-cutter.

Why Choose Blue Cricket Media for Your Marketing Agency?

Industry Experience Matters!

We have a strong belief that in order to not only market to the industries we love to work with, we also need to become a part of them to fully understand and stay up to date on the latest industry trends. We are active members of industry organizations, and participate in events that allow us to interact with our our clients and theirs so that we are always learning just how your business can benefit most.

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Agency Vista Verified

Agency Vista Verified

We Work With Some Pretty Awesome Companies

Auben Realty
Cafe Roux
Turner's Keyboards
Swift Bunny
Joe Bailey CEO Swift Bunny

“Working with Blue Cricket Media has been like working with family. They’re always coming up with new ways to market our company, our customers love the interaction they receive from the engagement specialists, and they are constantly taking the extra step to make our brand shine.”

Joe P. Bailey

Chief Executive Officer, Founder – Swift Bunny

Let’s Talk!

Let’s set goals. Let’s meet those goals. Then let’s eat cookies!

“Team Blue has been completely awesome to work with. They helped with our start-up marketing efforts by launching a day one Facebook post that had a reach over 34,000 people with no ad money spent and we sold out our first weekend! Thanks guys!

Robert Wray

Chef and Owner – Cafe Roux

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