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Do I really need social media management services?2020-08-21T22:08:10+00:00

People who typically need social media management services are those who don’t quite know how the finer details of social media work, don’t have time to do it themselves or simply don’t want to. Social media marketing is a critical component to staying connected to your customers and prospects, it helps you to build relationships and customer loyalty and helps build brand awareness. Outsourcing it to Team Blue will ensure that your social media marketing efforts are perfectly planned and your brand is receiving the focus and attention it needs to succeed.

How can you market my business if you aren’t involved in the industry?2020-08-21T17:42:27+00:00

When we work with you in setting up your account, we are going to be spending a lot of time getting to know your business, niche and industry. Your dedicated brand strategist will send you all the necessary forms needed to make that business education happen and will conduct thorough research to find out what’s happening in your industry, what your business’s strengths are and how you are perceived in the market. We spend HOURS learning and educating ourselves about a client’s business before we make even a first post to their social media account and we continue expanding our knowledge every month that we work with you.

How soon before I see results?2020-08-21T17:41:35+00:00

Social media success isn’t a magic pill that you can take and see results over night. This is especially true when you have no social media presence to begin with. Your social media account manager will work to keep you updated every step of the way as we help to build a successful social media presence for your business. You will receive monthly reports of all social media platform activity to learn more about your audience and their engagement on your business profiles. Some businesses can expect to see major changes and results within just a few months while others may take up to a year.

Do you only do social media marketing?2020-08-21T17:46:40+00:00

Not at all. We are a full service agency, with services covering a wide range of offerings including CMO marketing partnerships, collateral design, planning, new business launches, content marketing, SEO marketing, email marketing and more. You can learn more about all that we do on our site or if you are a current customer, just ask your brand strategist to see if we can solve your need.

Do you outsource or is Team Blue all in-house?2020-08-21T22:07:17+00:00

While our team does work remotely in their own home offices, we do not outsource to other agencies. Our people are our people.  Because we are spread out across the U.S. we often times have members of the team local to our clients which gives us a great opportunity to connect.

What’s the minimum amount of time we can work with you?2020-08-21T22:09:41+00:00

Social media takes time to build. Return on investment is important but isn’t going to show itself within the first few weeks or even months. While we offer plans for as little as a 3 month length of time, we suggest a 12 month working relationship as a starting point to truly gauge what social media management can do for your business. After 12 months, your social media strategy plan can be reevaluated and together we will help to reassess your needs.


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