As the year starts winding down and you start planning your marketing strategies and goals for 2017, you might be trying to determine what is the best way to spend your marketing budget. If you haven’t moved to inbound marketing yet (who hasn’t?) or if you are still tackling social media yourself and not seeing the results you want, it might be time to start thinking of adding a social media marketing agency to your list of options.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for building and promoting your brand to your target audience. With an effective social media strategy, it is not only easier than ever to engage with your target audience, but also attract a significant number of potential customers.

Some businesses manage their own social media platforms with office staff or other personnel who aren’t marketing professionals, only to realize results are not as they hoped. Often times growth ends up drying up, the fans and follows aren’t engaging with your content and the consistency that you are posting to your channel is varied and often times completely forgotten about. What people fail to realize is that while most people these days know how to “use” Facebook for their own personal needs, to really take advantage of the power it  holds in growing your business and profits, it takes a complete marketing strategy.

Of course, those aren’t the only reasons to use a social media agency to help you with your marketing. There are several compelling reasons you should consider using an agency to help your business grow.


One of the biggest complaints that we hear from potential social media clients is that even though they know they need to be posting content regularly, responding to audience comments and engaging in related social channels, they just don’t have the time to keep up with it. Those that push forced content out that really doesn’t match their brand voice and message end up posting content just for the sake of posting and none of it is ever engaged with by their audience, because they really don’t care about it.

Social media marketing is not just about posting and sharing content on your Facebook page. It’s also about understanding concepts such as SEO, audience engagement rates, and correct strategies for identifying targeted audiences for paid ads. The problem is most small business owners simply don’t have time to learn these concepts and that leads to failed results and sometimes even a belief that social media won’t work for them.

Hiring a professional social media agency means saving precious time while you concentrate on building your business. Leave the marketing and continued education about social trends to the pros!


Consistency is crucial for social media marketing, and a dedicated staff helps to create that consistency to build a campaign that engages your audience, informs them about your brand message and voice, creates a loyal and trusted relationship with your business. Ultimately this is the best way to convert leads into conversions.

The problem most small business face with having a staff of people to their social media marketing is that they don’t have the resources to allocate a team just to their social media or they simply can’t afford the salaries of professional marketing experts. On average, just one salaried social media manager can cost your business $45,000 per year. Add on a dedicated content writer, graphic designer, and ad specialist and you’re talking about an expensive team that an average small business just can’t  handle.

Hiring a social media marketing agency allows you to tap into that marketing team without the high expense of multiple employees. It’s extremely difficult to find one person who can handle everything with perfection so a team with varied skills is typically the best way to go to ensure your success. Doing so will allow you to keep your costs low by only paying for the actual services you need. It also allows you to optimize your efforts giving your in-house employees time to concentrate on delivering products and services to your clients while you get meaningful marketing results from your full-time social media marketing agency.


Years ago, it would have seemed impossible for a small business owner to complete with a larger business. Small businesses just didn’t have the ability to sink loads of cash into a marketing budget and they certainly didn’t have the strong connection to marketing resources that larger businesses tended to have.

Lucky for all of us, times have changed! The fact is, no one benefits more from social media than small businesses. Even though the big companies may have the financial capability and the people to put on their marketing projects, when it comes to social media, the playing field is a bit more level. You can run an promoting your next sale just as easily as your competitor of any size.

While your competitors may be able to get in front of more people than you are due to a limited budget, you have the unique capability of changing strategy at a moment’s notice without going through a lot of the red tape that your larger competitors have to go through. You, as a small business owner, have the freedom to make decisions quickly and that puts you in a strong competitive lead.

Utilizing a social media agency to handle your social media marketing makes competing with other businesses even easier. An agency will monitor your competition and keep up to date on their promotions, their audience needs and where they are showing up in the online world. You can be sure that if you have an agency handling competition monitoring for you, you will always know the best ways to compete.


Some people may be under the impression that brand only matters to big corporations. Nothing could be further from the truth! Brand matters at any business size or type. Your business has its own unique message and voice, so use it to show how you are different from a big business who is nothing more than a faceless corporation.

A social media agency can help you achieve brand recognition across all of your social platforms so that when your audience sees that special font, pop of color or logo in the branded graphics created for you, they can instantly recognize that as your business.


Most big businesses aren’t going to bother spending the time to build relationships with online communities. They will wait for people to come to their social
networks and attempt to engage with them there. You have the unique position as a small business owner to take the time to reach out to online groups and communities and form relationships with owners and members of those communities. Even more importantly, a professional social media agency can do it for you and we have the skills and strategies already in place to do with ease.

Did you know that 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook? Or that 84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions? Social media is incredibly powerful for gaining new business and new customers but you need a fully developed social media strategy to make it happen successfully.


Simply put, social media marketing is part of doing business in the new millennium. You simply can’t ignore it or escape it. It’s a steep learning curve and time consuming that can crash and burn in no time if not done properly. Why trust it to anyone but an expert? Now is the perfect time to work with a professional social media marketing agency to put your business on the road to success for next year. Interested to learn more? Get in touch with us or go ahead and take the social media marketing quiz right now to see how you rank!

About the Author: Amber Rickerson

Amber Rickerson is Director of Marketing at Blue Cricket Media. Her passion for marketing and social media are second only to her love of Mt. Dew, University of Kentucky basketball, her children, husband and black lab, Reno. You can find her (and her family's) adventures on Instagram (@ozandamber) or email her at

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