Halloween complete. Initiate sequence DECK THE HALLS in 3..2..1…[cue holiday music].  Starting your holiday shopping early is never a bad idea.  Here are some of our most creative gifting ideas for the social media obsessed, tech enthusiasts, computer jockeys, and anyone born after 1997.

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Light and Phone Holder with Clip Mount

Nothing is worse than finally recording the perfect TikTok video, only to discover a huge shadow destroying half the clip.  This ring light plus accessory holder is a must-have for anyone recording videos.  The bendable armatures can be adjusted to feature your good side in warm, cool, bright, or dim light.  Focus on your stitches and duets instead of constantly adjusting your lighting and camera angle.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

While you’re editing your videos or that new blog post, consider wearing a pair of blue light glasses.  They help reduce eye strain by blocking the blue light emitted by your screens.  Blue light glasses can also relieve headaches and migraines; you may even sleep better at night (and who doesn’t want that?).

Posture Corrector

“Stop slouching! Sit up straight!”  There might be some truth to this chiding.  Healthy posture can decrease back pain and tension headaches, while giving you more energy.  You can also appear taller and slimmer just by improving your posture (confidence boost, anyone?).  This posture corrector is a gentle reminder that you can wear (discreetly, if you choose) while sitting at your desk or making your rounds.

QR Code Keychain

This engraved QR code keychain is perfect for the social butterfly to add new followers at any event.  Avoid the awkward “Um.. I can’t find you. Wait, is this you?” as you try to exchange social media information.  One quick snap of your social media keychain and your new friend will be liking your photos all the way back to spring break!

What Do You Meme: Family Edition

If your gift recipient is constantly sharing memes, consider the What Do You Meme? board game.  Players turn one of the game’s random photos into the next viral meme by pairing it with a caption card.  Both family-friendly and a grown-ups-only versions of this game are available, so bring on the laughs!

@# Earrings

Social Media enthusiasts will love these @# earrings.  An easy conversation starter, these adorable earrings are just the thing for a socially-awkward social media devotee.  They pair well with any outfit to any event, so flash a smile and remember to breathe.

Custom Vinyl Stickers

If your gift recipient is always on the lookout for new followers, give them a custom vinyl sticker.  They aren’t just for your car.  They can be placed on a coffee tumbler, a briefcase, an office door, a yard sign, etc. Display your Instagram handle as you drive to the craft fair.  Flash your favorite hashtag as you camp at the music festival.  The sky is the limit with who will see your social and follow!

My Social Book

A professionally printed book of your precious social media photos for your coffee table, family gathering, cat enthusiast club, or freelance gig might be just the ticket to winning their hearts.

Upload photos from your Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos accounts. Give them a quick and easy edit, send them off to print, and you’ll have your polished photo book in your mail box before you know it.

Straight Outta Facebook Jail Mug

We all know someone, hard as they (sometimes) try, who can’t stay out of Facebook jail.  This mug is the perfect nod to their time spent in the slammer and their time posting hilarious (albeit inappropriate) content.

(Coffee not included, but you should probably include some because that’d be the best. gift. ever.)

Social Media Wall Clock

It’s Twitter-o’clock!  This 47-inch social media icon wall clock is a hip addition to any dorm room, teenage dwelling place, or marketing guru lounge.  It is a DIY peel-and-stick project so be sure to have your coffee first! ;)

Don’t let your tech-savvy, social media loving friends be the only ones surfing the web this holiday season!  Start your gift shopping now while you have plenty of time to fuss with wrapping papers and bows!  Head into the holidays with a list of check marks and a smile that brings tidings of comfort and joy.

About the Author: Courtney

Courtney B., like many Floridians, grew up in Ohio. She holds a BA in Religion, is Team Blue's resident enneagram 9, and decorates cakes with her mom. Her work with Blue Cricket Media has given her a chance to try out her creativity in a wild, hip industry. When she isn't working, she's teaching her daughter, Mary Sofia, about cats, kindness, and art.

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