It’s a fantastic time to be running a business and it’s even easier now as small businesses are finding they need less full-time staff members than ever before. Outsourcing has become a normal part of doing business and tasks such as accounting, HR, marketing, and yes, even writing blogs can be one less thing for you to have to worry about. Outsourcing blog content could be the answer to your problems.

As if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s 5 more killer reasons that you and your business should be outsourcing your blog content to a professional content creation agency.

1. Outsourced Content is Professional, Researched and Written with SEO Strategies

You know content is king (don’t you just love cliches?) and if you hope to compete with similar businesses for SEO results and build your business up as an authority in your industry, you know you need consistent, accurate and professionally written content for your blog.

Well written content inspires trust in your brand and that leads to your audience staying on your site longer. Providing a steady flow of relevant content keeps customers coming back, engagement and social sharing, and the desire to revisit to learn more. Most importantly, all of this can lead to conversions which means more dollars for your business.

Including white hat SEO strategies while developing your titles, headlines and main content will ensure that your site is well positioned in search engines. Why does this matter? If you’re interested in acquiring new customers, this simply makes it easier for your customers to find you.

Need some proof? The top return sets from Google gets considerably higher traffic than those on lower ranking pages. How much more? Almost 92% of Google traffic jumps on the first page! If you aren’t first, you are missing some serious traffic.

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2. Outsourcing Blog Content Saves Times

Skilled content creation agencies like Blue Cricket Media, can deliver high-quality work in a relatively short amount of time, depending on the scope of the project. For example, short content pieces like blog posts and articles take just a few days to complete with research, writing and editing services. You get the content you need when you need it, all while saving time and keeping up with your content marketing calendar.

What does all this time saving mean for you and your business? Taking that task off your plate, now allows you to focus on servicing your own clients and running your business instead of creating content.

3. No Need to Recruit an Expensive, In-house Writer

If content development isn’t one of your core skills, it can be without an in-house expert. With average writer salaries ranging anywhere from $40,000-$60,000 per year, it can also get quite expensive. Alternatively, hiring an outside agency can cost as little as a few hundred dollars per month.

Outsourcing your blog content allows you to use the knowledge and abilities of others that you and your team may not have. Just because you hire a professional writer, doesn’t mean they know anything about writing titles, headlines and copy that work well for good SEO results. This is where hiring an agency to handle every aspect of your blog publishing is a great idea.

Agency written blog posts should always be well written, properly optimized for search engines, effective at generating engagement, and in-depth enough to satisfy your audience.

4. Consistency, Best Practices, and Standardization

Outsourcing content creation helps you maintain a high level of quality throughout long projects and across all types of content. If writing isn’t your strong suit, keeping everything consistent and up to date with best practices – or even knowing what best practices are – can be tough.

When you outsource to an agency that specializes in creating content, it’s important to to work with an agency that understands the rules and your business. The team members working on your projects are professionals who know how to maintain the standardization that is crucial to branding, reputation, and successful content marketing. Even more important, is that the blog posts are written in your voice so there is never any confusion about where the blog posts originate from.

Several quality checks, revisions, suggestions, and strict adherence to your company style guide mean your outsourced content will be more than well written. It will be effective and perfectly matched to your business.

5. Achieve Greater Reach

Outsourcing content creation can help you get your content in front of more people. Many writing firms are also proficient in social media, meaning they can help you craft a strong social media marketing plan and create share-worthy content and calls to action.

The best writing agencies also share the content they help you create with their own networks. So not only is your content more effective and shared more often, it’s also seen and shared by more people originally, extending your reach exponentially.

How Can I Find a Blog Writer to Outsource to?

Before you start asking your friend from college if they want to write for you, be sure consider that you are handing over a lot of control of your company brand and voice. Don’t trust your brand in the hands of just anyone.

Start by researching writers and think about the following:

  • Do they have the knowledge for the content they will be writing for? If not, do they have a research team that is dedicated to fulfilling that need?
  • Will you be working with a single writer or who will become an expert in your blog or will you be passed around?
  • Do their samples show a variety of voices and do you recognize the brands being written about?
  • Do they have proven results and/or testimonies from their current customer base?
  • Can they meet your strict deadlines and goals?

Remember, when you hire someone to create content for your blog, you aren’t just asking for someone to write filler verbiage for your blog. You are asking them to represent your brand and business. The writer or writers you choose to work with need to be able to keep your readers happy, interested and engaged while at the same time making your life easier by freeing up your valuable time.

Let it Go!

Making the decision to out source your blog content might be the obvious thing to do, but it can be hard to let go of the control of your blog. After all, it’s your brand and your voice. It’s important to find an agency to work with that you feel comfortable working with, you like their writing style and is willing to work with you on your own content calendar or even help you develop one together.

Ultimately, outsourcing content creation will save you time, money, and frustration, while increasing your company’s visibility and reach. Your content will be published on a reliable timeline, leaving you to focus on your business and day to day operations knowing your brand is in expert hands.

Want help with your blog? We can help! Get in touch with Team Blue and let us show you how affordable and easy it is to work with us!


About the Author: Misty Hickman

Misty Hickman is the CEO of Blue Cricket Media and Chief Coffee Drinker. She is passionate about marketing and loves helping businesses grow into great success stories. She has more than 10 years working with an IT focus in the multifamily and education industries and truly enjoys working one-on-one with other CEO's to grow their business and increase ROI. You can find her on Twitter to hear about her latest adventure, favorite coffee bars or bragging on her amazing shoe collection.

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