How Auben Realty Conquered Local Domination In the Property Management Industry

Auben Realty Case Study

Who is Auben Realty?

Auben Realty is a pace setter in the world of property management. Instead of focusing on being the low price leader in the industry, they turn their focus towards managing homes that are well maintained, proactively serviced, and promptly repaired. Not because they thought there was an opportunity, but because they wanted to make a difference.

Because of this dedication and going against the standard, their homes are rented longer, the leads are higher quality, and their residents are more satisfied.

As it stands, there is no one quite like Auben Realty in the industry. They have evolved into a full service company because they embraced change and challenge. These characteristics, and the founding ideal of making change in their community, has made them really special.

The Challenge

As with many companies, Auben Realty while successful, knew it couldn’t “take over the world” without moving to a more aggressive and modern marketing approach. As residents and investors both are moving to the online world, Auben needed new ways to reach their audience and grab their attention but didn’t want to leave real world marketing completely.

Owner, Tyson Schuetze, required hands-on involvement from all members of Team Blue and was looking for out-of-the-box content writing, engaging imagery and ideas to flow customers through a smooth sales funnel that picked up prospects at all of the various stages. To throw a fun wrench into the mix, this needed to address prospects in both the online and the offline world.

In steps Team Blue and our campaign idea “Everywhere you want to be investing“. Our goal was to drive warm lead traffic from social media, billboards, postcards, a strong hashtag swarm and paid ads through various stages of a sales funnel to capture those leads while at the same time increasing brand awareness for this ever-expanding company. This campaign was challenging due to it’s multiple facets and it’s goal to reach 3 different targeted client personas, and brought forth an array of talents from our team along with the commitment and excellence provided by the Auben team to make it happen.

The Solution: World Domination!

We refined a brand and content marketing strategy that helped Auben to build brand recognition, increased their business value in the eyes of their investors, generated new leads, and supported their ever growing marketing strategies.

Our marketing efforts for the Auben team included the following gains:

  • Increased organic traffic from social media to their website
  • A surge of brand awareness around their local community through our “see them everywhere” efforts
  • Improved communication and brand trust with prospective investors
  • Launched an enhanced Deal of the Day aimed at nurturing investors into low cost investments
  • Produced a kick-ass explainer video that helped Auben build trust with their customers.
  • Improved SEO rankings exponentially

Let’s Talk!

Let’s set goals. Let’s meet those goals. Then let’s eat cookies!

“Team Blue has been completely awesome to work with. They helped with our start-up marketing efforts by launching a day one Facebook post that had a reach over 34,000 people with no ad money spent and we sold out our first weekend! Thanks guys!

Robert Wray

Chef and Owner – Cafe Roux

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