Glassdoor reports that 86% of people in the first 10 years of their career are likely to use social media in their job search. Add to that the fact that 73% of Millennial’s located their most recent job on social media and it becomes obvious that social media has become a major platform for discovering emerging talent in your staffing agency or recruitment firm. Finding and offering qualified talent is a key component to operating a successful staffing agency and it seems that social media for staffing agencies may be the next great recruiting frontier!

Senator Mark Warner (Va.) made a great point in an interview with CNBC that Millennial’s will dominate “75% of the workforce in the next 10 years (by 2025).” As the workforce shifts toward the next generation, social media marketing for staffing agencies and recruiting firms should not be considered “auxiliary” but a crucial tool in your marketing strategy toolbox. Social media is no longer experimental but a proven, primary method for both recruitment and communication.

Social media is no longer experimental but a proven, primary method for both recruitment and communication. Click To Tweet

Are you among the 36% of recruiters not using social media to find prospects?  If so, we are here to help!  Whether you are a veteran of social media, or just getting started, our tips for social media marketing among staffing agencies, can increase your effectiveness in reaching top recruits.

Social Media for Staffing Agencies: Where to Start  

In a massive social media network, even knowing where to start can be confusing.  A quick evaluation of the positions available and the targeted audience will reveal the specific social media outlets that would work best for you.

If you need to choose one solid outlet for recruiting, LinkedIn is quickly becoming the world’s “go-to” market for job searching.

Up to 93% of companies’ report using LinkedIn.  Not surprisingly, the most successful staffing and recruitment firms show the largest follower base on LinkedIn.

With growing popularity comes increased competition. You will not be the 1st or the 1000th staffing agency on LinkedIn. The majority of recruiting firms and staffing agencies have nearly identical, stock pages. This can be very confusing for your audience especially if they are in the beginning stages of job seeking. Your agency will need to stand out.

M9 Solutions, a strategic staffing firm in the technology industry, is continually mastering the art of reaching thousands of potential candidates each year. This has not only deepened the pool for internal recruitment but for their clients as well. They focus on relationship building through multiple outlets, but their strong presence on LinkedIn has given them an advantage.

M9 Solutions utilizes multiple aspects of LinkedIn including their company page and a private group. Often they post job openings directly to their LinkedIn page and the positions fill quickly.

Staffing Social Media


Next Steps?

Diversify your social media assets. While LinkedIn may be a great source for recruiting digital and media talent, only 36% of the job seekers are active on LinkedIn. It is necessary to have active marketing efforts on multiple social media platforms. Don’t neglect other social media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter. Even lesser used outlets such as Pinterest and Instagram are gaining popularity as vehicles to reach the next generation of workforce.

Use custom graphics and illustrations to help tailor your seekers’ experience. Custom graphics are not only eye catching but they add another level of professionalism and expertise when using social media for staffing agencies as part of your marketing efforts.

Robert Half excels in differentiating themselves on Twitter.  Twitter feeds can become jumbled messes of wording (even in 140 character blurbs!) but despite this challenge, Robert Half has succeeded in providing stunning visual relief to their followers.

Staffing Social Media


Variety is key. Not only should you vary your content by targeting job seekers in every stage of the hunt, but vary your materials themselves. Providing job seekers with an adequate amount of promotion for your company, alongside inspiration and information, is a formula for success. Don’t be afraid to use humorous quips or motivational quotes to provide visual breaks on your social media pages.

Staffing Social Media


Accruepartners has made humorous postings a regular occurrence on their Instagram account.  These are well liked and well shared, expanding their reach with little to no effort.

Staffing Social Media


Humanize your social media.  Create a social media environment that shows your agency’s commitment to creating a great work environment for your own employees. If job seekers believe that you understand what a great work environment is, they will also believe that you can find similarly awesome places to hire them.

For the 4th year running, AKLU, a staffing agency in Massachusetts, was named one of 2016’s Best Staffing Firms to Work For! According to their Facebook page,ALKU, is a specialized staffing firm connecting companies across the nation with highly skilled consultants from three distinct divisions.”.

Beyond their direct marketing, they spend a significant portion of their social media efforts portraying a charitable and exciting work environment. All of these efforts show the more human side of the recruiting business that can sometimes see job seekers as just a number or a degree.

Staffing Social Media


ALKU has even gone as far as to create their own hashtag (#ALKrew) for their employees to use in sharing their adventures.

Staffing Social Media


Explore unique avenues and use them to provide specialized content that seekers find useful. While it may be obvious to post job listings, you can take your efforts to another level. One successful recruiting office, Insperity created a Pinterest page where they feature photos of “What NOT to Wear to Work” and “Creative Resumes”.  These topics are very important when seeking employment.

Insperity has mastered the art of helping their clients capitalize on their first impression. They are also opening channels for increased engagement through unique content.

Staffing Social Media

Staffing Social Media



Seeing Results?

Analyze the effectiveness of your social media outlets throughout the course of your marketing campaign’s lifetime. If you are running a marketing plan with a specific beginning and ending date, measuring its reach will be easy.

Trying to ascertain the overall effect of social media on your staffing agency or recruitment firm is best handled by a professional marketing agency such as Blue Cricket Media. Blue Cricket Media can help your staffing agency or recruiting firm evaluate your social media marketing strategy, create new content targeting top recruits and increase your spread and/or results on multiple platforms.  Contact us today for your FREE Social Media Marketing Assessment.

About the Author: Amber Rickerson

Amber Rickerson is Director of Marketing at Blue Cricket Media. Her passion for marketing and social media are second only to her love of Mt. Dew, University of Kentucky basketball, her children, husband and black lab, Reno. You can find her (and her family's) adventures on Instagram (@ozandamber) or email her at

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