If you are a business owner utilizing Facebook as a marketing platform, there are several tricks and tips you may not be aware of. All too often, retailers build a killer business page, complete with rich content, product photos and maybe even the occasional special event. However, unless you have a decent amount of reviews and check-in’s, you may be lacking the “social” part of social media.

So, how does a business go about racking up the positive reviews and getting followers talking on their page? You can ask your customers to do you a favor, of course, but there’s actually a more interactive and clever way to not only drive people to your Facebook page, but also to leave a review. If your business hasn’t been promoting Facebook check-ins, now is the time to start.

Why do you want reviews in the first place?

First of all, most business owners obviously want nothing but positive reviews. High star ratings and posted reviews raving about your business help improve your reputation and get people talking about you. However, negative reviews are not always a bad thing. Even a poor Facebook review is an opportunity to respond publicly, showing your consumers you are attentive and that you care. This, in turn, can also result in a positive online reputation. Not only do reviews help your audience get a sense of who you are as a business, they also improve your ranking on Facebook. Star ratings impact the visibility of your page, so the more you have means a greater likelihood of your post showing up higher in your audience’s news feed.

What is a check-in?

If you are unfamiliar with the “check-in” feature on Facebook, it allows users to announce their location to their friends and tag friends who may be with them. When users hit the “check-in” button, they can see nearby places to choose from. The feature is useful for those who want to let friends know that they are somewhere fun and also see if their friends are nearby.

How do you drive customers to check in?

The most difficult part of the process is getting customers to check into your business in the first place. Encouraging your customers to check in by offering reminders is the best way to increase check-ins. Post signs and notices around your physical business location reminding people to check in. When salespeople greet your customers, have them drop a line about checking in on Facebook. Use social media to post social media posts to remind people to check-in; this seems to be working especially well for events, which offer a check-in separate from your business check-in.

So how do check-ins boost reviews?

Now that we understand the value of check-ins and positive reviews, how can you make them work together? When someone checks in on Facebook, they later get a notification from Facebook prompting them to leave a review/recommendation at the businesses where they checked in. So, not only does it increase your chances of getting some good reviews on your page, it serves as great free marketing since check-ins are shown to the user’s friends as well.

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About the Author: Misty Hickman

Misty Hickman is the CEO of Blue Cricket Media and Chief Coffee Drinker. She is passionate about marketing and loves helping businesses grow into great success stories. She has more than 10 years working with an IT focus in the multifamily and education industries and truly enjoys working one-on-one with other CEO's to grow their business and increase ROI. You can find her on Twitter to hear about her latest adventure, favorite coffee bars or bragging on her amazing shoe collection.

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