If you’re a crafty person, do-it-yourself projects can be enjoyable and great money savers that ensure you get exactly what you want. But when it comes to website design, the do-it-yourself method can be trickier.

Ever see those DIY or Pinterest fails where people had grand plans and they go hilariously wrong? It’s easy to do in DIY website design as well. You may start out envisioning something amazing, but without the right guidance and know-how it’s easy to end up with a website design fail.

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to design your own website or hire a professional:

Time is Money

While there are several websites that help novice designers create their own pages, it’s important to remember that time equals money. Even though some design sites are user-friendly and easy to use, the time you spend figuring out how to use the site builder, what to put on it, and how to keep it running smoothly all take a good amount of effort and time.

If you analyze the time it takes to put toward website creation, many business owners find that time is better spent making money through their business instead. A typical, comprehensive website can take up to 14 weeks to build completely, so business owners and managers need to ask themselves, “What’s the best financial way to spend this time?” Most will find that the cost of hiring a professional outweighs the time spent away from the business and leads to more money in the long run.

How Do I Want My Website to Look?

When deciding whether or not to design your own website for your business, you also need to consider how you want your site to look. Yes, there are free to low-cost site builders out there, however, many are limited in what they allow you to do and many have the same basic template. Just like an arts and crafts DIY project gone wrong, websites created without professional help can look jumbled and unprofessional.

Actual design elements aside, the ability to make a website organized and consistent through the various pages is often where do-it-yourselfers go wrong. No matter what your mother told you growing up, looks DO matter. At least, they do for websites. Visitors to your site will be likely to return and have a positive image of your business if you have a clean, attractive and professional-looking site.

Furthermore, seeking professional help for your website creation will ensure you a unique look. DIY website design tools give limited options, meaning your business’ page will look very similar to others using the free service. Your business is important and unique and deserves to stand out from the rest, so your website should too.


Say you do decide to take the DIY website design route, and you’re happy with your final creation. What happens when something on the site malfunctions or things don’t link correctly? Unless you are an electrician or have experience, you probably wouldn’t tinker with wires in your home when there’s an electricity problem. You would rely on a professional who knows how to fix things the correct way. The same holds true in website design.

You could try and troubleshoot problems that arise yourself. However, unless you’re skilled in this type of knowledge, figuring out a solution to a problem could be a frustrating and time consuming process. Successful and effective websites take careful maintenance, which also adds up to more time. And now we’ve come full circle because as we mentioned earlier, time is money!

Need more help or advice on having a professional website built for your business? We take the burden of creating a business website and its maintenance out of your hands. Our professional designers can create a customized and comprehensive website that reflects your business’ personality and meets your goals. Learn more about our website services and watch your business soar!

About the Author: Amber Rickerson

Amber Rickerson is Director of Marketing at Blue Cricket Media. Her passion for marketing and social media are second only to her love of Mt. Dew, University of Kentucky basketball, her children, husband and black lab, Reno. You can find her (and her family's) adventures on Instagram (@ozandamber) or email her at arickerson@bluecricketmedia.com.

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