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The cool sales might not be what you think it is.

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The sales funnel has changed and when using it in a full lifecycle marketing strategy, it’s pretty cool.

You may remember back in the day, the sales funnel was about building off a previous step and moving everything forward in a straight line towards your funnel and end goal…the sale. $$$

While we definitely still strive to reach the bottom of the funnel, that final sale, the method behind the sales funnel has changed and we no longer truly hit bottom. Hitting bottom is not necessarily a good thing.

Sales funnels have been modified to fit today’s consumer AND also today’s way of doing business.

There are many marketers out there saying sales funnels are dead. Trust us, they are not for modern marketers, they are simply re-imagined.

We are no longer moving the audience through a single sales funnel in a straight line. Consumers are too smart, and honestly, too busy for that method. Instead we have to look at a sales funnel from a multi-faceted approach.

Omnichannel Marketing

Sure, there may be a landing page as part of your sales funnel, but that’s not the end or the single most important part of the funnel any longer. Your buyer may hit the landing page and go back a step in the funnel process. The important thing to remember is that the entire sales funnel and all of its facets are fair game for an entry point to your business as well as an exit.

The new sales funnel defines an entire customer relationship journey and understands that customers won’t be stuck in a single line of action but instead will be weaved in and out of places that the sales funnel may touch. Places like:

  • Review websites
  • Search engine searches
  • Email marketing pieces
  • Communities and forums
  • Word of mouth
  • Social media
  • Paid media ads

We focus on an omnichannel sales funnel method which means the goal is to give leads a consistent, quality, and personalized experience regardless of where in the process they find you and where they are in the buying cycle. That means you must choose your channels wisely because customers can find you anywhere and anytime.

We accomplish all of this by knowing exactly what channel in the sales funnel your customers are in and focusing our efforts to drive them around the funnel and through all three of the buyers journey phases: Attract, Convert and Retain.

Attract Convert Retain

The Attract Phase

Inbound marketing during the attract phase is all about gaining the attention of your customer through specific targeting in a particular channel. It is designed to bring leads to you, rather than intrusively putting yourself in front of them as other advertising methods may do. Leads are often brought in for a lead magnet, enticing them to fill out a form to sign up for your email list or to be contacted.

The Convert Phase

Once the leads start rolling in through the funnel, the second phase in lifecycle marketing comes into play and that means engaging with the lead or prospect in order to help them realize how your business can solve problems, save them money, be a go-to source of information and finally, when they are ready, close the sale.

The Retain Phase

Once your lead is now a customer, the main goal is to retain them as customers and turn them into brand advocates for your business by continuing to engage with them via regular and consistent email marketing campaigns, impressing them with content that solves problems or builds authority, and sending them offers that entice them to buy again and share with referrals.

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