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When it comes to start-ups and scaling, Team Blue has you covered with a plan to grow!

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Starting a business is hard…growing it is even harder. We can help!

Starting or growing a business at an accelerated pace is an exciting path but also one of the more challenging times you will encounter in the lifetime of your business. Many companies undertake these challenges with limited resources and fast timelines. With that in mind, startup and expansion efforts must be well-planned and resources utilized in the best way possible.

Having a team of marketers to help you plan and execute a strategy that focuses around brand awareness and customer acquisition is crucial. The lack of a strategy or a poor strategy, can lead to catastrophic failure.

That’s where Team Blue steps in! We are a full-scale marketing agency who love to work with progressive, forward-thinking start-ups and expanding companies. We create strategies and marketing plans utilizing omnichannel marketing methods that revolve around awareness of your brand, engagement with prospects and customer conversions.

Success comes from a growth strategy with many facets.

  • Building marketing into your product

  • Customer feedback loops

  • Identifying customer objectives early on

  • Consumer reviews from existing customers

  • Defining your perfect customer persona

  • Developing a sales funnel with conversions as the focus

  • Organic search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Viral video production and marketing

  • Paid media ads through Facebook, Google, Twitter, Remarketing and others

  • Authority building through content publishing

  • Email marketing and automation

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“Team Blue has been completely awesome to work with. They helped with our start-up marketing efforts by launching a day one Facebook post that had a reach over 34,000 people with no ad money spent and we sold out our first weekend! Thanks guys!

Robert Wray

Chef and Owner – Cafe Roux

Blue Cricket Media Social Media Marketing Agency

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